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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Messages We Would Like To Hear On Our Mobile Phones

Cell phones are smart and are now turning out to be smart phones. The mobile operators are smart and are turning out to be smarter. They don't let you hang up without an answer, they tell you why you should hang up. Maybe they think you would continue to wait for that elusive voice on the other end of the line. So you have messages like, the user is out of reach, network problem, busy etc.

Hardly creative. But don't worry, it won't be long before the operators get even smarter and let you listen to messages which make you feel that they are really on your side.

First time you call up, "The subscriber you have called is not responding".

Second time, "The subscriber you have called may be busy elsewhere and will probably call you when he is free."

Third time, "The subscriber just finished another call. What will it take for you to realize that the subscriber you have called is ignoring you?"


"The subscriber you have called doesn't even have you in his address book, Are you sure contacting him is worth the trouble?"

With more tech development and convergence as they call it the cell phone will actually communicate with the other electronic appliances in the house or office and give an exact picture of why the subscriber you have called is not responding.

"The subscriber you have called is not reachable, He is in the Kitchen preparing his morning sandwich."


"The subscriber you have called is doing his laundry at the moment and can't hear the ringtone."

Late in the night, "The subscriber you have called is not answering, maybe s/he is having sex."

Unreachable status, "The buggers who talk about spherical motion of waves had you fooled. We have the entire city covered and still can't reach the subscriber."

And after receiving calls from the same number many times, "The subscriber has not touched his phone for some time, Considering the time of the day, maybe you should call 911."


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